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Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in All Matters SEO, Social Media

Creative Content – Maximising Outreach for Maximum Success!

Creative content, such as infographics or pieces of micro content, are a great way to promote your hotel in a visual and compelling way which really resonates with existing or potential guests. Whether you’ve just had a renovation, want to illustrate your proximity to local attractions or just want to create something fun to showcase amenities, creative content can be a great tool! Once you’ve completed the creative process and have your design, it’s often difficult to fully understand how to ensure you are fully leveraging this content to its fullest. Below is a handy guide with our top tips of how to promote your content, both online and offline.

Paid Social Outreach

One of the best ways of promoting your creative content is via paid social campaigns, run through Facebook and/or Instagram (depending on which channels you actively run for your hotel). Running paid social adverts allows you to target existing or potential social followers through specific targeting, focusing on people who follow similar types of content (such as travel, luxury, food and drink and more). Hotels whom have paid social outreach and reporting included with their Digital Services creative content development will receive a brief featuring recommendations of targeting, predicted ad reach and flight dates. Once approved by the hotel, the ads will then run and a report will be provided to the hotel post-campaign.

Go Organic

Whilst paid social is clearly an important element to really promote your piece of content, we also recommend posting organically, too. For example, perhaps running a #TBT (throwback Thursday) a couple of months after the piece was first promoted to encourage your social community to re-engage with the content. Digital Services can provide recommendations for hotels looking for social guidance on the best ways to promote their content.

Don’t Neglect Your HWS

Adding creative content to the HWS (hotel website) allows hotels’ to expand on their existing content and provide existing or potential guests with different content to engage with. By adding to the HWS, hotels will also have a dedicated URL in which they can direct social, email or other marketing traffic to.

Print Isn’t Dead!

Depending on the context of the piece, it can often be useful to have it printed and provide it to any guests, particularly for any groups or corporate travellers. Consider this as an option to provide these important guests with something different during their stay – this is particularly useful for local area focused content, such as the below portion of an infographic created for the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa.

VCEJW Partial Infographic

Don’t Forget Your Partners

Featured local attractions or partners in your piece? Or just looking for a way to better engage with partners? Ensure you distribute it to anyone whom might be interested in seeing the content. For the piece created for St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, the hotel worked to contact all featured venues in the piece, and their wider partners, to have them share within their own channels (website, social and email for example). This is a great way of increasing the reach of your piece.

Internal Communication is Key!

Perhaps one of the often neglected areas of creative content outreach is ensuring your internal stakeholders are aware of the piece and the plan for distribution. Make sure all of your internal teams are aware of how they can engage with the piece, and spread the word!

Be a Mini-Concierge

If you have created a compelling piece of local area focused content, or something hotel specific such as a piece about your dining options, why not email it to your upcoming groups or transient customers? This can be a great tool for Concierge or your Sales teams to leverage prior to the guest’s arrival.

LONPR_Infographic 2017

Marriott Marketing?

Work with your Digital Client Services Manager to determine whether there is any opportunity to have the piece featured on some of Marriott’s key channels such as the Traveler blog or in an eNews campaign. Traveler will feature destination focused content, such as this example from Venice.

No matter the type of content featured within your piece, there are some great ways to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Your Digital Client Services Manager will work with you to ensure he/she finds the best options for your hotel. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our our creative content examples for some ideas!

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Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in Social Media

The Future of Facebook

Facebook looks set to continue its global domination by announcing its 10 year road map during their recent F8 developer conference. In addition to purchasing WhatsApp and Instagram, the social media giant aims to be the driving force in making emerging technologies accessible to the masses and connecting the world… no small feat.

It’s been a busy few years for the company, acquiring a number of start-ups and established tech companies to further their reach across the globe. Can’t keep up with their purchases? Well, here’s the low down on some of their big buys:

  • In April 2012, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously announced it was buying photo-sharing platform Instagram for $1 billion, expanding both its user base and advertising offerings.
  • Then a couple of years later in February 2014, Facebook announced they were acquiring instant messaging platform WhatsApp. At first, there was speculation that they would merge their Messenger offering with WhatsApp, however this was soon dismissed and the platforms continue to operate separately and on average they see over 60 billion messages sent daily.
  • A month later in March 2014, the social company then jumped into a new space; virtual reality, by purchasing one of the leaders in the market, Oculus, for a cool $2 billion.
  • One of their most recent purchases, in March 2016, was MSQRD; a visual effects company (think FaceSwap – yes, you can thank them later).

Quite impressive, huh… So what’s next?

In their latest community update*, Zuckerberg announced there are now over 1.65 billion Facebook users monthly, 900 million users on their Messenger platform and over 400 million users on Instagram. It’s hard to predict where they are going to venture next…

Facebook Community Update

*Facebook community update, released 27th April 2016

(Image Source: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook)

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

(Image Source: TNW)

While your News Feed probably won’t be changing too much for the time being, there are some big plans in the pipeline for the company. Here’s the 411 on the announcements from their recent F8 conference:

  • Virtual Reality, more of a reality than originally thought? – Zuckerberg announced some ideas for its VR tech company, Oculus, which might not be too far away… how about taking selfies in virtual reality? Or taking a tour of a destination before going there (lots of food for thought for travel)?
  • Surround360 – Facebook has developed their own 360 camera coming in the summer of 2016 to support new 360 video marketing and VR innovations. While we don’t know any price point yet, it’s an exciting opportunity to give users a fully immersive experience.
  • The death of SMS? –Sadly, the days of SMS messaging might be numbered. Roughly 20 billion messages are sent via SMS per day, only 1/3 of the volume of Facebook’s combined messaging platforms, which see over 60 billion messages sent daily.
  • Bots for Messenger – Now this might sound like something rather space-age, but it’s actually a little closer to home for digital marketers. Facebook also announced new technology to enable brands to better communicate with their consumers in the form of instant messages (think quicker customer service and instantaneous requests). Sound familiar? The software is a similar concept to the Marriott Mobile Request platform we released last year.
  • Video Profile Photos – Stuck on the same profile photo? Well Facebook will soon allow you to update your profile image to a video from one of their video platforms, such as MSQRD.

So next time you’re checking yourself in for that early-morning gym session, or posting selfies with your dog, why not take a moment to look around your profile as things might be changing in the social hemisphere sooner than you think.

Facebook Road Map

The Facebook 10 year road map, announced at the F8 Conference, April 2016

(Image Source: Facebook Newsroom)

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