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Posted by on Oct 24, 2017 in SEO Oddities

The Latest With Google: 4 Resources

Google is constantly innovating and improving its algorithms, platforms, products and services. Staying up-to-date with the search giant’s advancements can help to shape your digital choices and strategies. Here are 4 of MDS’ favorite trusted resources to consult when looking for news and updates on Google:

  1. Google’s blog itself, The Keyword – Did you know Google has its own blog? It’s often one of the best and most up-to-date sources to learn about what’s new in the world of Google. You can sort the blog content by topics (including: Google in Asia, Google in Europe, Safety & Security, Travel, etc.), Product News and Latest Stories. New posts are added daily (and sometimes even hourly!)
  2. Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History  SEO authority, Moz, documents each major Google algorithm update and what it means for SEO and digital marketing experts. For instance, did you know there was a large update earlier this year called “Fred?” Learn more about the impacts of Fred (and other major updates) to see if there are any takeaways for your site.
  3. Search Engine Land – There is an entire page on their site devoted to Google. It chronicles updates, search news, tips, algorithm changes, testing, etc. Search Engine Land covers all topics from Google AdWords to AMP to local search, and everything in between.
  4. Search Engine Round Table – In their dedicated Google section, you can find updates on Google as well as Bing, Yahoo and other SEO related topics. Search Engine Round Table is a great resource for staying updated on the entire search landscape. Plus, the site also has a very user-friendly archive that puts past Google posts right at your fingertips for easy browsing.

Have any questions? Ask your Digital Client Services Manager! We have a team of digital experts waiting to help.Google Logo

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Posted by on Oct 17, 2017 in All Matters SEO

How to Write SEO-Friendly Headlines

This week, Moz’s Rand Fishkin shares his White Board Friday thoughts on creating headlines with SEO in mind, and what steps you can take to make sure you’re crafting the most SEO-friendly posts possible (Without alienating your site visitors and giving them a poor user experience).

Watch his latest video here and check out his illustration below that shows how SEO, content and social media all intersect.

Writing Headlines for SEO(Source: Moz)

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Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Digital Industry News

Links MDS Loves

It has been a busy couple of months over here at Digital Services! But no matter how jam-packed our schedules might be, we always make time to bring you the latest in digital and marketing industry news. There have been a lot of industry updates circling around the internet over the past month. Here are a few of the articles we’ve been reading. Did we miss any of your favorites?

man-coffee-cup-pen(Image Source: Pexels)

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