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Posted by on Mar 21, 2017 in All Matters SEO

If Your Hotel Went Through a Renovation, Start Fresh on TripAdvisor

For hotels that renovate their properties, don’t forget to let TripAdvisor know that you went through a renovation. Once you prove your hotel went through a major renovation, your old reviews will be deleted.

All that’s required is to provide building permits, materials invoices or press releases to prove that the renovations were indeed structural and completed.

Upon its approval, TripAdvisor will wipe the slate clean so your hotel’s page won’t be bogged down by negative reviews relating to bathrooms, guest rooms, carpet, smells, etc.

You’ve probably heard this from your Account Manager over and over again, but reviews are increasingly more important to rank in Google so be sure to make sure your reviews are cleaned up!

For more information, check out TripAdvisor’s Help Center or the screenshot below.

TripAdvisor Help Center_Renovation Information

(Image Source: TripAdvisor Help Center)

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