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Posted by on Dec 12, 2017 in All Matters SEO |

Video Best Practices

Jenny Peak
Jenny Peak

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The landscape in which marketers are able to reach an audience is constantly evolving. Electronic billboards replace the once-static ads that used to hang in their place. Watches that, until recently, strictly told time, now accept phone calls and house apps. And the adaptive Facebook Newsfeed is littered with marketing videos that catch viewers’ eyes where images once reigned supreme.

As a result of the noticeable shift toward interactive advertising, videos are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool. They create an emotional, engaging experience that attracts viewers in a way that stationary images cannot.

Planning for a video shoot is essential to a successful result. Consider these video best practices before ever hitting the Record button.

Tell Your Story

Online consumers are bombarded with text and advertising every time they open a new browser window. When done correctly, videos are a popular option to cut through some of that clutter.

As marketers, we’re always trying to sell something. This may cause us to lose sight of what we should be focusing on – the human element of a sale. The Digital Marketing Institute warns that producing content that is overly “salesy” can actually repel customers, rather than motivate them to act the way we’d like.

Instead, the Institute urges marketers to put an emphasis on the story. What will connect with your viewers on a more relatable level?

Imagine you are a hotel owner who wants to create a video to increase bookings. Before simply showcasing the different angles of your hotel guest rooms, consider your audience. Is this something that would compel the consumer to book? Now, narrow your audience to a more specific subset and let that group determine the story. If you are trying to attract families on vacation, plan a marketing video that highlights some of the family-friendly activities offered on the property or nearby.

Invest in Quality Production

While still in the preparation stages, invest in high-quality production. Videos professionally shot and edited are more enjoyable to watch and appear more reliable. If the viewer is watching a video that was shot on a phone with a shaky hand, odds are, that viewer is moving to another video relatively quickly.

Do your research on the production company before scheduling them. Watch examples of their work, confirm that their quality aligns with your brand and make sure the videographer is willing to sign the correct usage-rights documents that you’ll need for marketing purposes.

Once the vendor is secured, clearly define your script and shot list before the day of the shoot. Determining exactly which spaces you’d like to highlight can cut down on the time and money spent on production and editing costs.

Keep It Short and Sweet

People are busy and constantly multitasking. They’re willing to watch content online for only short periods of time before losing interest. A video’s length is essential to keeping the audience engaged.

According to Brightcove, research demonstrates that the most engaging online videos are typically between 16-seconds and two-minutes long.

Define Clear Next Steps

By following these best practices, you will create a great video that captures your audience’s attention. At the end of your two minutes, a closing image of your logo scrolls across the screen. Now what?

Brightcove suggests that telling your audience what to do next is equally as important as the story. Plan to incorporate a call-to-action at the end of each marketing video with clear next steps.

Whether you’re suggesting that the viewer “Book Today” or link to supporting documentation (like a related blog post you’d like to promote), take this opportunity to gently nudge the viewer in the direction of your choosing.

Before organizing your next video shoot, contact your Digital Client Services Manager for more video best practices and Marriott-specific guidelines.

Video Best Practices(Image Source Pexels)